Let’s be real. Fresh produce isn’t always the best in the winter. In fact, we are firm believers that frozen produce can be a great, healthy and affordable option for you and your family. This frozen veggie breakfast skillet is a recipe we like to make with plenty of frozen veggies we have at home. You can make a satisfying meal in less than 30 minutes with frozen vegetables, eggs, and seasoning. 

Frozen Vegetables: What’s The Deal?

Walking into the frozen food aisle can be a little intimidating. The choices seem endless as you search for the items you need. So, we broke down some of the biggest things you need to know about frozen foods. While you can buy frozen dinners that all have the entire meal ready to nuke, we typically don’t go this route. Most complete meals are made for one, and the entire meal “kits” tend to have a bit more sodium and “extras.” However, we believe gathering frozen ingredients and making your own meals is the way to go! 

Health Benefits

So, what exactly are the benefits to adding frozen vegetables? Frozen foods are nutritious. If you don’t cook the heck out of them, frozen produce is equally (and in some cases, superior) to fresh produce. Research conducted at UC Davis shows that frozen produce has equal and in some cases better nutrient value when compared to fresh produce. Plus, they are a life saver when I don’t have a plan for dinner. Stayed to late at the office to fire up the grill? Just sauté the frozen chicken breasts.


Purchasing frozen food is cost effective by being lower in cost-per-serving when compared to fresh options. You’ll save money. For example, frozen fish and seafood is 25% less expensive than fresh, and frozen broccoli is over 50% cheaper than fresh florets.  Also, it’s a sustainable option that helps reduce food waste. Frozen produce has a longer shelf life, which helps reduce spoilage and waste. Using frozen foods also generates 47% less food waste compared to food stored in the fridge.


Most importantly, Frozen produce is easy to prepare! Frozen vegetables have the cleaning and chopping are already done, which can save a lot of time in the kitchen. They speed up meal prep. Why peel and cut butternut squash if I can buy pre-cut frozen? Plus, it’s easier to manage the right serving sizes. Only use the amount you need!
Frozen produce has endless uses in many everyday recipes, check out these time-saving smoothie packs
veggie egg skillet

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