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Nutrition impacts every area of our lives. Whether you want support to manage a new or existing diagnosis, lose weight, prepare for a race or repair your relationship with food, our dietitians are here to meet your unique needs. Our personalized services, such as our genetic testing and custom meal planning empower you with the confidence to know your plan is right for YOU. 

Looking to support your team? Check out our corporate wellness, club fuel, or virtual masterclasses. 

Nutrition Counseling

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) – $180

Follow-Up Appointment (30 minutes) – $85

Initial Consultation:

  • 1-hour appointment to discuss history, goals, and create a roadmap for moving forward
  • Insurance is accepted for this appointment (coverage varies, so check with your insurance company!)

Follow-Up Appointment:

  • 30-minute appointment to review progress, get your questions answered and set new goals
  • You MUST have had an Initial Consultation prior to scheduling an a follow-up appointment
  • Insurance is accepted for this appointment (coverage varies, so check with your insurance company!)

Appointment Packages

    • Premium Package I: $395 (initial consult + 3 follow-ups)
    • Premium Package II: $605 (initial consult + 6 follow-ups)
    • Sustain Package: $875 (initial consult + 10 follow-ups)
    • Genetic Testing Package: $750 (MNT Custom Genetic Test + initial consult + 3 follow-ups)
    • Follow-Up Package: $300 (4 follow-ups)

    Meal Planning 

    Would you like to know EXACTLY what to eat based on your nutrition goals and food preferences? In as little as 3 months, we can plan a custom meal plan with grocery lists to help you make meaningful changes and create lifelong, healthyhabits. Whether you’re trying to lose body fat, optimize your fuel for training or just get more consistent with a plan, a solid meal plan helps you move the dial. 

    • 3-month commitment (option to extend)

    Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

    RMR Test – $100

    What to expect from your RMR analysis:

    • An understanding if your metabolism is running fast, slow or as predicted
    • A report explaining your results
    • 30-minute consultation with your dietitian to review your metabolism

    Genetic Testing

    Our cutting-edge genetic testing empowers you and your dietitian to feel confident in your personal nutrition plan. 

    Select which genetic test best meets your needs (our MNT Custom Report is a combination of all GX tests): 

    Corporate Wellness

    Prices by Quote

    Corporate wellness services provide sound nutrition education to your employees. Whether your workforce is back in the office or working from home, we have a solution to meet your needs. We offer our programs virtually and in-person. 

    Popular Programs:

    • Wellness Webinars
    • In-Person Nutrition Seminars
    • One-On-One Consulting (ask about insurance coverage!)
    • Healthy Lifestyle Small Group Programs
    • Weight Management Programs
    Jennifer McDaniel standing in front of a room giving a corporate wellness presentation on COVID-19 nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    Race Day Fueling Package – $400

    The Race Day Fueling Plan Includes:

    • 60-minute Initial Consultation
    • 45-minute Follow-Up session 
    • Analysis of previous race experience and RD recommendations
    • Nutrient recommendations for before, during, and after your event
    • Customized race day plan that you can use for your goal event


    Parents of youth athletes have the unique opportunity to help their children make the connections between optimal nutrition and performance at a young age.

    Our CLUB FUEL Nutrition Services include:

    • Content development
    • Educational workshops offered in-person or virtually
    • Small group seminars tailored to athletes with shared goals
    • One-on-one consultations

    Webinars & Cookbooks

    Choose from any of our webinars, cookbooks, and downloads:

    • Picky to Pleasant Virtual Workshop
    • The Mediterranean Table Cookbook
    • The Athlete’s Kitchen Cookbook: Grain Edition
    • Guide to a Well-Stocked Kitchen
    • One-Month Sample Menu Download

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