What Our Clients

Have to Say

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Jen and her team do a great job of giving people power over their diets. They are extremely caring, and are solely focused on improving your life. I highly recommend them!”

Kyle Winters

“Jen is absolutely amazing! I have been struggling with my relationship with food for my entire life. After a lot of patience on her part, Jen changed the way I saw myself and food. She created a personalized food and workout routine that fit into the hectic life of a college student. The biggest difference for me, was that she truly taught me to be kind to myself and to love myself. She taught me that if one day you slip up and eat too much cake, you just enjoy that you had the cake, be healthier the next day, and most importantly do not punish yourself or feel ashamed, because there is no reason to. Jen you are the best!”

Isabel Martinez

“Jennifer gave tangible tips that could be implemented with my work schedule that consists of crazy travel. She understands it’s not a one size fits all approach and was ready to modify based on what worked best for me. She truly gave me back peace of mind in my digestive health! Absolutely recommend – no matter where you’re at in your nutrition journey.”

Sara Bray

“I have seen Jen and her colleague Mary three different times over the last six years. Initially I saw Jen for sports nutrition to maximize my nutrition during marathon training initially. I saw Jen a second time during my first pregnancy with my twins. I was able to exercise and have a very healthy pregnancy due to my knowledge of healthy eating thanks to Jen. Lastly I saw Jen’s team for weight loss after my last pregnancy. She provided realistic, affordable, family friendly and most importantly quick meals that I can eat and also feed my family. I work full time and she helps me find meals and snacks that I can eat quick while working or driving. As a physical therapist, I refer many patients to McDaniel nutrition. So many people don’t have the true knowledge of healthy eating and how it affects his/her healing after an injury. I have had luck getting some insurances to help cover nutrition services or using a medical flex saving account. I can’t say enough great things about McDaniel Nutrition both personally and professionally!”

Megan Normile

“I have had a wonderful experience at McDaniel Nutritional Therapy. Jen has been kind, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout my time working with her. Her approach to nutrition and weight loss is practical and approachable, and she has always made me feel like I had the information and support I need to make real, lasting progress. If you’re interested in working with a nutritionist for any reason, I would highly recommend Jen and McDaniel Nutritional Therapy.”

Eric Stiefel

“In January 2018, Upton Tea implemented our Corporate Wellness Program. As part of this program, Jennifer meets with us monthly. She reviews nutritional and health topics with our 15 employees. These areas range from healthy snacks to building better bones. The presentations are great, all our employees find them interesting and beneficial. Jennifer’s presentation style is personal, informative and she communicates in a positive, friendly manner. She is also able to infuse humor into her presentations. Jennifer is available to meet with our employees one on one, where her manner is supportive and non-judgmental. Having worked with Jennifer for some time now, we believe that all companies and employees would benefit from her program.”

Steven Trudel

“Jen has helped me a lot with nutrition planning for weight loss and marathon training. She has given me a nutrition plan with macro goals that fit my needs, and practical advice to help implement the plan. She has been very easy to work with, and responsive to my questions between sessions. So far I’ve lost 15 pounds with no signs of stopping.”

Nathan Rosenstock

“Personal care… Great recipe ideas… So well informed… And fun!!”

Barbara Bryant

“Jennifer and her team have really helped me to hone in on the best way to fuel my swim, bike, and run training and racing. She makes it simple and easy to follow and implement! I’d highly recommend McDaniel Nutrition Therapy to all athletes and non-athletes alike.”

Beth Miller Erman

“Working with McDaniel Nutrition Therapy as a Dietetic Intern, I was able to see the care they put into working with their clients – both in person and behind the scenes. All of the RDs are invested in the specific goals of each individual and tailor their recommendations to help clients meet those goals. Their evidence based plans focus on more than just food and delve into habits and choices to ensure their clients achieve long term success. As an Intern, spending time with these professionals was an incredibly valuable experience and I would recommend MNT to anyone looking for help meeting their nutrition or performance goals.”

Lauren Gallen

Kitchen Nutrition

“I started working with Jen McDaniel for weight loss and sport nutrition. Jen developed a program specifically for me that balances my nutritional needs to achieve both those goals. I couldn’t have done it without her. If you need help, she is the first person I would recommend!”

Greg Hesser

“I’ve been around Jennifer in the triathlon community for more than 7 years and a client for more than 3 years. Jennifer is a consistent, reliable, and reassuring nutrition coach as my wife and I navigate our lives. Whether it is endurance goals, pressures from life and work, or basic nutrition needs Jennifer has been a partner in our journey the entire way. We have used Jennifer for learning our metabolic rates, calorie consumption, macros, weight loss goals, and making wiser meal choices. We’ve even had Jennifer to our house to audit the food in our kitchen. She uses her knowledge to accommodate our lifestyle and goals while pushing us closer to the healthy lives we want to live. She is supportive and understanding of the challenges we face. Not only does she coach on nutrition, she takes the time to understand what is driving your behaviors. I’ve had many conversations with her about choices I was making and experiences I was having had that nothing to do with nutrition. In short, she facilitates the healthy life changes we are seeking.”

Ryan Metcalf

“Jen does truly amazing work! She has helped me discover an effective, practical, and sustainable strategy for my daily nutrition that has changed my life for the better in many ways. She is extremely knowledgeable and took time to work together with me arrive clear understanding of what healthy eating truly means for me and my individual needs and goals. I appreciate her realistic, pragmatic approach to eating, and I feel like I can stick with her program without feeling overwhelmed. I feel healthier, have more energy and better self-esteem, and am confident that I sustain what I am doing long-term. I am a big fan of her professional, yet friendly and caring approach. She’s an awesome person on top of being a great dietitian! Highly recommended.”

Ben Smith

From Fitness Friend Ben

“Jennifer McDaniel has helped me get unstuck on my nutrition journey. She has the unique ability to narrow in to help me set goals for my situation and then work with me achieve to them. She is well versed in her field and is able to break down that knowledge in a way that it easy to understand. I highly recommend her if you need help getting where you want to be.”

Jane Slater

“Mary W is fabulous! I came into my first session very narrow minded, thinking I just wanted to lose weight and that would make me feel better about myself. Mary quickly taught me that self worth is beyond body image and she helped me develop life style changes that have lasted longer than any diet I have tried. I’m very excited to continue to my work with her!”

Molly O'Leary

“Jen McDaniel is the gold standard in her field. I have 100% confidence that she will provide my client referrals with individualized attention, informed and up to the date research, compassion, kindness and respect for the struggles they bring. I recommend her without reservation.”

Pattie Cashman

“Having spent years suffering at the hands of a GI issue, my doctor encouraged me to alter my diet drastically in hopes of healing. Though I thought I could conquer the change on my own, it became very overwhelming, very quickly. McDaniel Nutrition Therapy was recommended to me, and after our first meeting, I haven’t looked back. The team at MNT not only broke down this special diet in manageable terms, but they gave me the tools and resources I needed to maintain it on a daily basis. Jennifer personally checked in with me, was a consistent voice of encouragement and made sure to follow-up as time progressed. Months later, I’m a different person. My GI team is encouraged by my progress, and I don’t feel burdened by the weight of ‘eliminating’ foods from my diet. I now view this change as an opportunity to try new things and be creative in the kitchen. There are definitely still days which are harder than others, but again, I know that I have a solid team behind me who will be there to help guide when I need it most. I could not recommend MNT with a higher vote of confidence. “

Retta le Ritz

“Jen’s corporate lunch and learn seminars are always engaging with lots of practical take-aways to implement in everyday living.”

T. S.

“The SUSTAIN class and Jennifer helped me be successful for the FIRST time in my life in losing weight! I love that the philosophy is not a diet, but a sustainable life change. I really thought it would be harder! I learned so much!”

Jillian Overby