Could Quarantine Cooking Actually BE FUN? 

Who feels like quarantine cooking is never-ending? If you’re a parent and feeding kids, you’re likely making more meals than ever. I know for me, cooking has lost a bit of its luster. It’s especially challenging cooking when kids are simultaneously sneaking into the cabinets because you’re not doing it “fast enough.” 
So, is it possible to bring some joy back into quarantine cooking? We’ve got a few ideas, maybe something will rejuvenate what you perhaps used to have…

Lean On Efficient Kitchen Appliances 

Leaning on certain kitchen appliances can help to reduce cooking time while also reducing the labor needed to prepare meals. Some appliance  examples; include instapots, crock pots, air-fryers, or even the delayed start feature on some ovens. The goal here is to reduce the time needed to prepare a meal as well as making the preparation process more efficient. 
Tips and recipes for instapots:

Tips and recipes for crockpot:

Tips and recipes for air-fryers:

Pair Cooking with Something You Enjoy 

Think of quarantine cooking as some me-time if possible. Having the kids watching a show or playing with the other parent could give you a moment of quiet. But, it’s not going to happen if you don’t ask for it. 🙂 Dive into a podcast, audiobook or music while you’re cooking. Next time you hit the grocery store, add flowers to your cart of pick some from outside. 

“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning sun can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a poem, or saying a prayer.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Plan Ahead, Even Just One Hour 

There is nothing worse than having to come up with a meal idea on the fly. Designate at least a few minutes earlier in your day to think about what you’re having for lunch or dinner. By the end of a quarantine day, most of us are spent and lack the brainpower to come up with a menu idea. Are you a member of our Nutritious Family Eats Community? If not, sign up! You’ll get 5 dinner ideas delivered into your inbox every Friday for FREE!
And, don’t forget…there’s always take out! Check out our recent post on how to make your take out order a bit more health-ish!