MUSH Overnight Oats were created to give you time back from your busy day. They are a completely plant-based, protein rich, gluten free, dairy free, artificial flavor & color free, preservative free, and filler free product. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Why Did We Try MUSH Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are our favorite quick, on-the-go breakfast or snack. They’re easy, delicious, and nutritious. We’ve heard that this overnight oats brand is the latest and best on-the-go breakfast option on the market, so we wanted to give it a try!

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MUSH Overnight Oats: How Many Stars?

Our 5-Star Rating

Flavor: 5/5

These overnight oats cups are so creamy and delicious! They are also the perfect size for a nutrient-rich breakfast or on-the-go snack. In addition, MUSH offers a variety of flavors like honey nut, strawberry, vanilla almond crunch, peanut butter cinnamon crunch, and coffee coconut.

Nutrient Density: 4/5

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MUSH overnight oats prides itself on having less than 8 simple ingredients that are completely plant-based. Their vanilla almond flavor is made with almond milk, oats, dates, almonds, vanilla extract, sea salt, lemon juice, and cinnamon.
mush overnight oats
Their coffee coconut flavor includes coconut milk, rolled oats, dates, coffee concentrate, and sea salt. Although the MUSH recipe is 100% plant-based, they are made in a facility that processes other tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, eggs, and fish. This means that there is a risk for cross-contamination of allergens.
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Based on the overnight oats label, their vanilla almond cups has a total of 230 calories per cup, 30 g of total carbohydrates, 7 g of protein, and 10 g of total fat. It also has 0 g of added sugars and 5 g of fiber. It also provides 10% of the daily value for iron and 6% of the daily value for potassium. If you’re looking for a good  on-the-go breakfast option, this would be a great option for you!
Although some of their flavors vary slightly in nutrition, they are overall very comparable and a good, healthy option.

Value: 3/5 

At Whole Foods and Target, you can find the MUSH overnight oats individual cups for $2.50 each. Compared to making your own overnight oats at home (check out our latest pumpkin overnight oats recipe), the MUSH overnight oats are definitely going to be a higher cost option.
We put together a comparison chart that shows different oatmeal cups on the market. Compared to other grab and go oatmeal options, MUSH has 0 g of added sugars, which makes this the lowest sugar option. It is also on the higher end of the price range than other oatmeal cups.

mush overnight oats

Total Score:  4 / 5

Where To Find It:

You can find this product in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods and Target. You can also order a variety pack online through their website.

How We Enjoyed It:

We served our MUSH overnight oats in a bowl and topped them with some of our favorite toppings – almonds, cinnamon, and fresh blueberries, accompanied with a fresh cup of coffee for a cozy breakfast at home. You can also top them off on your way out the door with a sliced banana, some almond butter, fresh berries, or chopped nuts or seeds.
mush overnight oats
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