Have you figured out what you’re giving your favorite family guy for Father’s Day? If you’re running low on ideas, and he’s over the grill tools and neck ties, we’ve got an idea: how about the gift of personalized health with our genetic testing?
Our dad recently completed the Gx Renew/Healthy Aging genetic testing, and here’s what he had to say about his Father’s Day gift:

“I’m more motivated to consistently workout due to my gene testing which showed I have to workout a bit harder compared to others to achieve the results I’m seeking. Since the test, I’ve got more “get up and go” to make exercise happen consistently.”

What His Father’s Day Gift Results Meant

Let me explain. Two markers related to exercise (Fat Loss Response to Cardio & Body Composition Response to Strength Training) were both low. This means that based on his genotype, he has to workout a bit longer and harder compared to compared to others with a different genotype to achieve both fat loss and strength gains. Bummer, yes. Good to know, absolutely. Happy Father’s Day!

“Knowing that I can improve both heart health and body weight by eating ~40% fats compared to a low-fat diet, that info guides me in my every day food choices. My wife preaches the Mediterranean Diet, but now I actually know that way of eating truly benefits my unique genes.”

Yes, I wrote a cookbook on the Mediterranean Diet, so of course I endorse this way of eating based on the research. But, it is important to remember that an individual’s ability to lose weight and impact the health of their heart is very affected by their unique genetic profile. PJ’s genetic result for sensitivity to fat showed that he appears to be able to consume a greater amount of fat without impact his weight. Plus, a slightly higher fat diet improves both cholesterol and blood sugar control. More avocado for my guac loving man? Happy Father’s Day!

Spending Your Health $ More Effectively

The healthy aging market is a multi-billion dollar industry affecting millions of people each year. Recent advancements in genetic science are showing us that finding a customized healthy aging solution no longer has to be a guessing game of trial and error. Thank to this research, we now know that the way an individual ages is highly affected by that person’s unique genetic profile.

What He Could Learn from Your Father’s Day Gift

Most people are aware that our genes determine things like our eye color, hair color and whether or not we have dimples. But our genes also reveal many things about our health, including how our bodies age physically and mentally. By analyzing these genetic markers, it is then possible to develop a healthy aging program that is designed for a person’s unique genetic profile. This process – collecting and analyzing DNA, and developing recommendations based on what it reveals – is what Gx Renew does. Here are seven components and the genetic markers that influence them:

  1. How your facial skin ages
  2. How your impulse control and taste preferences change with aging
  3. If you are likely to live into your 90’s or 100’s
  4. How your body’s skin ages over time
  5. If you are more or less likely to experience age-related hearing loss
  6. If you are more or less likely to experience mental acuity decline with aging
  7. How well your body is able to effectively absorb vitamins and minerals related to aging

Does He Really Want To Know?

Well, that of course, is up to you. I strongly believe that knowledge is power, and research shows that people who know their unique genetic makeup are more likely to make positive lifestyle behaviors. In my opinion, I would rather know my diligent efforts are based on me, not generalized advice for the masses. Sign up here to learn more about the Gx Renew Test or our Gx Slim (weight loss), Gx Performance (athletic performance-) and Gx Nutrient (Nutrient Metabolism) tests.