How would you rank your “kitchen confidence? Are you curious to learn how to navigate the kitchen with ease?
Regardless of where you’re starting there is always more room to learn and grow. Growing your kitchen confidence makes nourishing you and your family easier. McDaniel Nutrition is here to help you navigate this culinary adventure. 
Here are a few ways to increase your kitchen confidence! 

kitchen confidence in 4 ways

All Foods Can Fit into My Kitchen

For many, we often find ourselves buying the same foods on repeat. Expanding our pantry or fridge menu options can liven up our everyday eats. All foods can fit into your kitchen if you are willing to make time for it and willing to learn. Learning how to use new ingredients and exploring increases our confidence in your meal preparation abilities. Check out our McDaniel Short-Cut recipes to help you expand your options! Maybe you’ve never tried Harissa sauce? Or, used pre-cooked beets! 

Incorporate Culinary Techniques That Work For You

What does kitchen confidence look like?

  • Being able to know where to properly store food.
  • How to use a food ingredient
  • How to adjust the portion size of an ingredient based on your preferences
  • How to develop flavor combination

As we gain confidence in the kitchen, it allows us to lean less on recipes and empowers us to plan and makes meals that we enjoy with more ease. 

Kitchen Confidence Increases Family Feeding Confidence  

Do you feel like meal planning should “look” a certain way? Meal planning should not require long laborious hours in the kitchen. It also doesn’t = home cooked meals each night. Family meals are not expected to be well-accepted by all family members. What kitchen confidence can lead to is offering family members both familiar and new foods. Expecting that veggies might get left on the plate. Enjoying a frozen pizza night or grilled cheese dinner on occasion. And, including your kids and loved ones in the cooking process. It often looks like trying new foods and flavors where a recipe might “fail.”

Finding Ways to Enjoy the Kitchen

Our kitchens offer us the place and space to create, innovate, talk, socialize, and share in the power of food. It also can be a safe place to have recipe fails and successes.  Overall, improving kitchen confidence allows us the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with food. 
If you’d like a one-on-one session with Jamie for ways to improve your kitchen confidence, insurance may cover your session! Connect with us to find out more!