We’ve often heard that our clients didn’t know what to expect when they first met with a registered dietitian (RD). At McDaniel Nutrition, it’s important to us that you feel as comfortable as possible before heading in to your first appointment. Our registered dietitians are here to support you, help you reach your goals, and make you feel empowered to take control of your health.

Preparing For Your First Appointment with a Registered Dietitian

The first step is to schedule your appointment  with one of our Registered Dietitians.  Our team of dietitians have unique specialties, training and experience, and it is our goal to match you with the right RD! Office managers, Catie and Christie, will listen to your needs and desires and help guide you in that decision.

Meet Our Rockstar Office Managers, Christie & Catie

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Once you schedule your appointment, there are a few simple things you need to keep in mind. Before coming in to your first appointment with one of our registered dietitians, you’ll be requested to:

  • Register your information on our practice management portal, Simple Practice
  • Complete your comprehensive nutritional assessment, client contract, and release form
  • Choose a location (in office or virtual) where you feel comfortable and at ease, without distractions
  • If you choose to try to use insurance to cover your consultations, upload all demographics & insurance information into our portal

We believe that you’ll get the most out of your first appointment with a calm spirit and an open mind. 🙂

What To Expect On Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with one of our registered dietitians will typically last anytime between 60-70 minutes. During our initial consultation, we will review your information to glean insights into your eating history, current eating habits, and behaviors. Expect us to do a lot of listening in the first consultation, as it is important for us to truly understand your individual needs and goals.

  • Detailed evaluation of your current habits and eating patterns
  • Personalized eating strategies and meal plans (if appropriate) to help facilitate a healthy relationship with food
  • Development of your foundational action plan
  • Tailored follow-up plan

These are some questions your registered dietitian may ask you:

  • Have you worked with a registered dietitian (RD) before?
  • What does a “normal” day of eating look like for you?
  • Are you comfortable identifying your hunger/satiety cues?
  • Do you have experience regular GI symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc.)?
  • Do you enjoy cooking for yourself/your family?
  • What are your stress and sleep habits like?
  • How do you stay physically active? What exercise do you enjoy doing?

From then, each approach is tailored to each individual client. Nutrition is a 100% individualized science, and it should take into consideration your lifestyle, your environment, your accessibility, your likes and dislikes, as well as your individualized needs.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up sessions (either in-person or virtual) allow us to support your goals set in the initial consultation. More follow-up sessions mean more accountability. Achieving long-term success is improved with the frequency of contacts with your dietitian. We want to work with you to help you make manageable changes.
Interested in making your first appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians? Click here.