This Dietitian’s Guide to Healthy Dining options in the Lou is a round-up of our teams’ favorites. We’re vaccinated, and we’re ready to hit the local restaurant scene! You can be sure that we supported only local restaurants, not chains. Note, while some of our restaurant choices were vegetarian or vegan, overall, we selected menus that cater to a blend of any dietary philosophy. We also took price point into consideration. Our restaurant selections included healthy eats that don’t break the bank.  While St. Louis may be known for t-ravs and bbq, isn’t it nice to know that St. Louis chefs demonstrate that healthy options aren’t just “possible” but inviting and mouth-watering, too?!

arch with a fork in the middle

Jennifer’s Pick: Seedz Cafe Demun

Why She Loves It: 

As a plant-based food lover, I often find myself in plant recipe repeat. Seedz offers me fresh creative menu ideas that I often try to emulate at home.  Their menu ideas elevate the plant-based eating experience. For example, black bean burgers can be boring. But, a black bean burger topped with cheesy onion slaw, guacamole, and bbq sauce? That’s a black bean burger with worth eating.
Her Go-To Order: Tempeh Rueben Deli Style

Abigail’s Pick: Lona’s Lil Eats

Why She Loves It:

“Everything is always so fresh and delicious at Lona’s! I love how many options I have to customize their wraps, and their teas are lovely. There’s something for everyone – including a great kid’s menu that simply provides kid-sized portions of their yummy food (rather than the typical nuggets, pizza, or grilled cheese).”
Her Go-To Order: The Veggie Sampler (spicy eggplant, stir-fried veggies, lime-ginger peanut salad, cucumber salad, chopped salad, and spicy tofu)

Jamie’s Pick: Revel Kitchen in Richmond Heights

Why She Loves It:

Jamie says, “Back when Revel Kitchen was called “‘Athlete Eats,'” I would stop by before work every Friday. I always ordered their breakfast hash with kombucha and it was delicious! It helped me to expand my palate and learn to play with new vegetables. Since then, they have revamped the menu.  The updated, expanded menu now offers sandwich and wrap options, build-your-own bowl options, smoothie options, and fresh juice. Their bowls come with a base of rice, beans, eggs, or quinoa. From there, you can add vegetables, a protein (they have vegetarian options), and a sauce. They also have additions such as fresh herbs and pickled onions. Their Brussel bites are to die for! If you’re looking for a balanced meal with a variety of flavors to please the palate, then Revel Kitchen is the way to go!”
Her Go-To Order: Build your own bowl – quinoa, harissa sweet potatoes, mojo chicken, cilantro lime sauce + pickled onions and fresh herbs. Side of Brussel bites and seasonal kombucha for a drink.

Melissa’s Pick: Meskerem Ethiopian off Grand

Why She Loves It: 

“Their combo platters are a great way to try a variety of their offerings. Health-wise, you can’t go wrong with the lentil and vegetable options on the vegetarian platter. If you like avocados, try their avocado salad – simple and delicious!”
Her Go-To Order: Vegetarian Combo Platter with a side of Avocado Salad

Jamie’s Pick: Aya Sofia in South St. Louis

Why She Loves It:

At McDaniel Nutrition, we’re big fans of Mediterranean Food. We’ve even written a cookbook on it! Aya Sophia has delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes filled with with vegetables, seafood, beans and healthy fats, like olives. I love most anything there. The flavors, spices and herbs are spot on, and you’ll even get the relaxed, Mediterranean feel by sitting outside on a nice night.

Her Go-To order: I suggest the Humus, any Kabob and the Turkish salad – date night or night on the town with some friends, you won’t be disappointed!