If you’ve clicked on this blog post, you’re likely a plant-based eater or someone who’s interested in eating more meatless meals. And, when it comes to eating at all, we know that having a few “easy button” or “ready-to-eat” dishes are a lifesaver. Some days are busier than others, and all hail to quick options.  

Why did we try it?

Convenience! As lovers of soy foods at McDaniel Nutrition, we are big fans of meat alternatives, such as tempeh and tofu. But, you can’t easily eat them straight out of the package. They need an little TLC – chopping, cooking and flavor-adding. It’s nice to have quick and easy plant-based option that is pre flavored, cooked and ready in minutes!  

Enter Sweet Earth food. Sweet Earth offers plant-based meals using fully cooked soy products that come in a variety of meal options. We were drawn to the Korean-Style BBQ Style Chick’n Bowl. Not only did it contain their plant-based soy shreds, but it came as a complete meal with edamame and cauliflower rice. All that we had to add was the microwave to warm it up! 

Where to find Sweet Earth Bowls?  

In the Midwest, you can find Sweet Earth foods available at Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, and Target. They have shreds that you can use as a replacement for meat. You can get plant-based deli slices to create the perfect sandwich. There are also several frozen meals including breakfast burritos, pizza, and a variety of bowls. All Sweet Earth foods can be found in the vegan/plant-based refrigerator and freezer sections.  

Sweet Earth Korean BBQ Chick’n Bowl, Worth the bite?  

Taste: 4/5  

We were impressed with the “Chick’n” soy shreds flavor and texture. If you want your soy meat to taste and feel like chicken, this was a very close match. The bowl was packed with flavor, and even though it wasn’t a large portion, the fiber-rich plants kept us satisfied. We can’t wait to try another bowl variety.  

Nutrient Density: 4.5/5 

When compared to the other plant-based bowls, Sweet Earth bowl was more nutrient dense. It contains more protein and fiber and less sodium and fat than its competitors. This means that the Sweet Earth bowl will help you feel more satisfied. For microwavable, convenient meals, we typically recommend no more than 700 mg per serving to stay in line with no more than 2,300 mg of sodium/day. Kudos to Sweet Earth for staying in the sodium lines. And, to round out the bowl, pair it with a potassium-rich piece of fruit or yogurt.  

Value: 5/5 

Most plant-based bowls cost between $5-10 dollars, depending on the size and options. We found Sweet Earth Plant-based bowls at Target for $4.99. Compared to the Impossible bowl ($5.98) and Amy’s bowl ($5.89), the Sweet Earth brand is the lowest price. Keep an eye out on your next trip to the store, because there are other plant-based bowls waiting to be tried! 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 

Sweet Earth thank you for bringing some convenience to plant-based land! While you won’t be replacing our beloved tofu and tempeh meals, you sure fit in as the occasional option for those more chaotic days.  

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