Journey Towards Healthy Eating

Intuitive Eating Services

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of energy you spend thinking about food, exercise or your body, it may be time to go back to the basics: Intuitive Eating. Intuitive eating has been shown to provide physical and mental health benefits. You deserve to be free from the trap of unhealthy eating patterns and thoughts. Using a non- diet approach, we can help you renew your relationship with yourself and with food. Whether you restrict foods, binge or obsess over exercise, our intuitive eating therapies can help you learn to listen to your body to understand its needs and how to nourish it.

Eating Disorders



Binge Eating Disorder


Disordered Eating

If you are ready for recovery from your eating disorder, or looking to maintain your recovery, we can help you along your journey. Eating disorders and disordered eating can be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. The dietitians at McDaniel Nutrition Therapy are skilled in creating a safe, judgement-free environment for clients to be fully transparent, which will help you break through tough barriers.

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Nutrition Check-Up Package

The journey towards recovery and lasting good eating habits is easier with support. Our packages are structured around the level of engagement we’ve seen to be the most effective and provide the most personally tailored consultations.

70-Minute Initial Consultation ($175)
30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions ($75) 45-Minute ($90)

What to Expect:

During our initial consultation, we will review your information to glean insights into your eating history, current eating habits, and behaviors. Expect us to do a lot of listening in the first consultation, as it is important for us to truly understand your individual needs and goals.

  • Detailed evaluation of your current habits and eating patterns
  • Personalized eating strategies and meal plans (if appropriate) to help facilitate a healthy relationship with food
  • Development of your foundational action plan
  • Tailored follow-up plan

Consultations can be conducted in office or virtually

Follow-Up Consultation

Follow-up sessions allow us to support your goals set in the initial consultation. These sessions can be conducted in office or by phone/virtual.

Preparing for the Initial Consultation:

Prior to your consultation, you will need to complete a client contract and comprehensive nutritional assessment. Please bring the completed paperwork to your initial consultation.

We work as part of a multi-disciplinary team as much as possible. It may be helpful for us to connect with your physician and/or therapist in order to provide you with the best care possible. Please fill out a release form in order to give us permission to us to connect with these members of your treatment team.