Sports Nutrition Services

Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a professional competitor, you can take your performance further with our sports nutrition dietitians. Our Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) can help you get there.

We also provide personalized sports nutrition advice for athlete-specific bone mineral disturbances, vegetarian diets, infertility, and iron deficiency anemia.

Our DIET by DNA genetic testing is a DNA-based performance solution engineered for a person’s unique genetic makeup, providing health and performance management strategies that are tailored to your specific genotype.

Get started with an initial sports nutrition consultation and you and your dietitian will formulate a game plan for follow-up needs. Please contact us for individual questions.


What Our Clients Say

I’ve been around the team of McDaniel Nutrition in the triathlon community for more than 7 years and a client for more than 3 years. Their team are consistent, reliable, and reassuring nutrition coaches as my wife and I navigate our lives. Whether it’s endurance goals, pressures from life and work, or basic nutrition needs their dietitians have been partners in our journey the entire way.

They are supportive and understanding of the challenges we face. Not only do they coach on nutrition, they take the time to understand what is driving your behaviors. I’ve had many conversations with them about choices I was making and experiences I was having had that nothing to do with nutrition. In short, they facilitate the healthy life changes we are seeking.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

The rise to your athletic performance goals and new levels of competition is easier with our sports nutrition support. Our Sports Nutrition Fuel Package is tailored to your period of training, body composition goals, and lifestyle habits. Sports nutrition consultations can also address pre-, during-, and post-nutrition recommendations. Additional follow-up sessions can be purchased and set based on your individual needs.

70-Minute Initial Consultation + 30-Minute Follow-Up – $250.00
Package includes:
  • Detailed evaluation of your food journal using a computerized nutritional analysis program
  • Nutrition plan geared for body comp optimization
  • Evaluation of how fuel intake supports your training program
  • Pre-, during-, and post-training nutrition guidelines
  • Creation of tailored eating strategies and personalized meal plans for optimal results
  • Can be conducted in office or by phone/skype

You’re logging the mileage or following your training plan to the T, but you’ve got this feeling you’re missing something? Oh yeah, a solid fueling plan! All too often, nutrition takes a backseat. However, one of the most common limiting factors of optimal performance comes down to poorly planned (or lack of) nutrition.

Whether your next race is an all-out sprint or a dig-deep, endurance-fest IRONMAN, make sure your fuel plan is on track and specific to the task at hand!

Our Race Day Fueling Plan includes:

  • An initial questionnaire to obtain all information need to create your personalized race day plan.
  • A complete race day fueling plan developed by our sports dietitian (and you!)
  • Nutrition plans leading up to race day (i.e. carb-loading protocols, pre-training fuel, etc).
  • One hour consultation to review the plan and make any adjustments.

Race Day Fueling Plan: $250