This quarantine snack idea is a throwback to my childhood. If you’re using a grocery delivery service, you’re likely getting substitutions when what you ordered is out of stock. One of those recent items was a box of vanilla wafers in lieu of oatmeal cookies. It had been probably 20 years since I’d had one of these light, yet crunchy cookies.

Quarantine Snack & Sweet Memories

At first bite of this quarantine snack, I was transported back to the age of 10. It was summer in the south, and we were in Owensboro, KY at a family reunion. My dad is the youngest of 10. Family reunions were a bit of an introvert’s nightmare. It felt like there were a 100 people in my grandmother’s side yard. Everyone contributed a dish to the potluck lunch, and the dishes (that sat in the hot summer sun for most of the afternoon) literally filled the edges of a truck bed…the length of a semi-truck. It was filled with southern specialities such as barbecued chicken, deer meat, Kentucky Burgoo, bananas rolled in mayo and peanuts, potato salad, and my favorite…banana pudding made with vanilla wafers. I loved the mushy wafers soaked up with fake banana flavoring.

Quarantine Snack Emotional Eating

A quarantine snack should not only offer us fuel, but it should also satisfy our emotional needs. This quarantine snack warms the heart of my 10 year-old self feeling a bit socially anxious. While the feelings of COVID-19 anxiety is not social anxiety, the feelings of anxiety are the same. I decided to call them “Bliss Bites” because they bring up the bliss I felt when I got to the end of that truck bed.
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P.S.S. If vanilla wafers aren’t your thing, sub in your favorite cookie! Some ideas – graham crackers, teddy grahams, crunchy oatmeal cookies (like St. Louis-style Dad’s Oatmeal cookies). The key is that the cookie is dry/crunchy.
Happy Quarantine Snacking!
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Vanilla Cookie Bliss Bites

  • Author: Jennifer McDaniel
  • Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 1/2 c. greek vanilla yogurt
  • 23 T. nut butter*
  • 1 t. honey (optional)
  • Apples, sliced horizontally (de-seeded)
  • Granola


  1. Combine yogurt, nut butter and honey.
  2. Spread ~1 T. yogurt dip on each apple slice.
  3. Sprinkle granola on top of apples.


*Use sunflower seed butter in lieu of peanut butter for nut allergies.

  • Prep Time: 5