I love ice cream year round, but especially in the heat of the summer.  An every night ice cream treat might catch up with me, so I have found some simple treats to satisfy my sweet tooth while managing the calorie damage. Here are my favorite five ideas and recipes below!



2 cups lowfat banana-vanilla yogurt (or whatever flavor you like)

1/4 cup light brown sugar

18 rainbow vanilla wafers cookies, 3 different colors, 6 cookies each

Recipe Preparation:

  1. Whisk yogurt and brown sugar in a bowl to blend. Divide between six 3-oz waxed paper cups. Freeze 1 hour. Insert an ice cream stick in each cup. Freeze at least 2 hours more.
  2. Put 6 of the same color cookies in ziptop bag; crush with a rolling pin. Repeat twice with remaining cookies.
  3. Working with 2 pops at a time, carefully tear off cups. Roll both in the same color crumbs. Place in a new cup; freeze until ready to eat. Repeat with remaining cups and crumbs.


Key lime yogurt, fresh lime peel and juice give a refreshing tangy taste to a cool pie that’s only 110 calories a serving!

Servings: 8

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

½ tbsp. grated lime peel

4 key lime pie yogurts (I like Yoplait)

½ cup cool whip

1 graham cracker or oatmeal pie crust


Mix first 4 ingredients together. Place in pie crust and freeze. Thaw 1 hour before serving.

Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel is a Registered Dietitian, Media Spokesperson, and co-author of Prevention's Mediterranean Table Cookbook. She and her team of Registered Dietitians aim to help their clients go further, make change last, and unlock their potential. She lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband, and three young sons. If you are interested in working with Jennifer, please visit our contact page.