“Our relationship to food reveals everything about our lives.” – Geneen Roth

Have you tried to change your health habits only to find you fall back into old patterns?

Do you feel you know what to eat, but find it hard to implement a healthy structure to maintain long-term change?

Renew Master Class Series:

Join Patty and Jennifer in a 12-week master class series to work on improving your health far beyond telling you what to eat. In this master series, you can expect to

  • Untangle psychological issues which inhibit you from changing your current lifestyle patterns.
  • Increase your emotional IQ and identify how your emotions trigger unhealthy choices.
  • Increase your intuition with how to enjoy food in a way that supports your weight loss goals
  • Receive a unique experience in group therapy so you are able to rid yourself of shame by sharing with others and receiving genuine understanding, empathy and compassion.
  • Examine your self-talk and change it to support your goals

About your therapists:

Between Pattie and Jennifer, we  have over 48 years of therapy experience in helping people find their emotional and nutrition well-being. No other practice offers the counseling from two sought-after expert health practitioners in one session.

Meet Jennifer McDaniel, Registered Dietitian and weight loss specialist. For 18 years, Jennifer has guided her individual clients at McDaniel Nutrition to  go deeper and better understand how to lose weight and keep it off for good. As a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, author of the Mediterranean Table Cookbook, and sought-after speaker, it is imperative that Jennifer stays on top of the latest research and evidence in weight loss, intuitive eating and habit change.

Meet Pattie Cashman, a licensed professional counselor who provided psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples and groups for over 30 years.  For 22 years she also provided group therapy for compulsive and addicted individuals seeking to find freedom from the obsessive thinking, behavior and feelings which held them back from their deeper needs.

Schedule and Cost:

Session runs every Monday from 12-1:15 pm starting June 4th – August 20th.

Location: 230 S. Bemiston Ave. Clayton, MO 63105

Open to only 10 participants