• Take The Guesswork
    Out Of Planning

    Take the Guesswork Out of Planning - McDaniel RMR Testing

    Optimize your Metabolism

    Every human body is unique. Which means the standardized calculations for how many calories you burn in a day aren’t completely accurate.

    Using BodyGem equipment, we can easily and precisely test your resting metabolic rate through only your breathing. This test allows us to further personalize your nutritional planning and finally confirm just how high or low your metabolism might be.

    What to Expect From Your RMR Analysis:
    • One-page report of testing results
    • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) value
    • Total Daily Calories based on your RMR and activity/exercise calories
    • Comparison of total calories to others in same age and gender to determine if you have a normal, low or high metabolism
    RMR Testing - $75.00

    About Jennifer McDaniel

    Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD is a nationally recognized nutrition and lifestyle expert who has guided hundreds of clients to become the best version of themselves through healthy lifestyle change. As a mom to 3 young boys, she appreciates the unbalanced life of a working professional and mom and simply strives to be present with the ones she is with – clients or children. She believes food is more than fuel, but a vehicle to connect others and nourish both body and mind.