• Protect More than
    Your Health

    Protect More than Your Health

    Eating for 2(+)

    Pregnancy is a precious moment of life, but the do’s and dont’s can be overwhelming. The right diet can improve your chances of conception, nourish your growing baby, and get you back on track post-pregnancy.

    With children of our own, our nutrition experts can give you evidence-based recommendations with real-life understanding.

    • Prior to pregnancy, we can help you sort the truths from the myths of fertility foods, help you attain a body weight conducive to conception, and equip your body for pregnancy with the right mix of nutrients.
    • During pregnancy, we can ensure your food choices and supplements support both you and your baby’s health and obtain proper weight gain.
    • After pregnancy, we can help you safely return to your pre-pregnancy weight, ensure you’re getting the necessary nutrients for breast feeding, and ease postpartum fatigue, mood swings, or depression.

    Maternal Nutrition

    Keeping nutrition a priority near or during your pregnancy is easier with support. Our services will give you the most personally tailored consultations, which are best for both you and baby.

    70 Minute Initial Consultation + 30 Minute Follow-Up
    Maternal Health Package Includes:
    • Detailed evaluation of your unique maternal nutrition needs
    • Personalized eating strategies and meal plans for optimal results and health
    • Development of your foundational action plan
    • Tailored follow-up plan
    • Can be conducted in office or by phone/skype

    Prior to your consultation, you will need to complete a client contract and comprehensive nutritional assessment. Please bring the completed paperwork to your initial consultation. During our initial consult, we will review your information to glean insights into your unique eating habits, lifestyle needs, experience with weight loss, and areas of focus.

    The follow-up session is necessary to support your goals established in the initial consultation. These sessions can be completed by phone/skype or in-person.

    About Jennifer McDaniel

    Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD is a nationally recognized nutrition and lifestyle expert who has guided hundreds of clients to become the best version of themselves through healthy lifestyle change. As a mom to 3 young boys, she appreciates the unbalanced life of a working professional and mom and simply strives to be present with the ones she is with – clients or children. She believes food is more than fuel, but a vehicle to connect others and nourish both body and mind.