Wellness Tailored To Your Genes

Programs Tailored To An Individual’s DNA Prove More Effective

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As the study of the human body advances, scientists can now identify and analyze an individual’s DNA. Using this remarkable technology, we offer personalized nutrition and exercise plans designed not only to provide a roadmap of your specific genes but also personalized direction for optimizing your health and well-being.

Each plan provides detailed information in four key areas that affect the way your body looks and feels. Your genetic report includes an analysis of your genotype with specific genes related to weight management, nutrition, exercise, and healthy aging.



What to expect

  • After purchasing your plan, schedule a consultation to provide a physical specimen (saliva) for genetic test processing.
  • We utilize an external DNA-processing partner to analyze your specific genotype. This lab is federally certified and maintains a secure, private database.
  • Using the genetic test results and your baseline measurements, a personalized plan will be developed based on your well-being goals.
  • You will receive your specific genetic report, a personalized plan and nutrition counseling. All components to help you be successful.

Gx Slim

GxSlim is a weight management program that takes your unique genetic makeup into account and provides you with diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. This is not guesswork, one-size-fits-all or a fad diet of any kind – these are the only diet and exercise recommendations you will ever need again, because they are based on your DNA.

$250 for One Test Only
$350 for One test + 30 minute consult + 7 day meal plan

Gx Renew

GxRenew is an innovative healthy aging program that utilizes your genetic profile to provide nutrient, food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer.  Recently published research has linked numerous aging signs to genetic predisposition, and many of these indications may be addressed with DNA-based lifestyle changes.

$250 for One Test Only
$350 for One test + 30 minute consult + 7 day meal plan

Gx Nutrient

GxNutrient provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet. Even if you eat a perfectly balanced diet with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, most of us have some difficulty in absorbing one or more micronutrients at the cellular level. Understanding your genetic profile for how your body likely processes key vitamins and minerals is an important step in developing a healthy nutrition program.

$250 for One Test Only
$350 for One test + 30 minute consult + 7 day meal plan

Gx Peform

GxPerform is a DNA-based athletic performance solution engineered for a person’s unique genetic makeup, providing health and performance management strategies that are tailored to your specific genotype. This is not guesswork or some magic potion. GxPerform provides the best athletic performance recommendations for you because they are based on your unique DNA.

$250 for One Test Only
$350 for One test + 30 minute consult + 7 day meal plan

About Jennifer McDaniel:

Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD is a nationally recognized nutrition and lifestyle expert who has guided hundreds of clients to become the best version of themselves through healthy lifestyle change. As a mom to 3 young boys, she appreciates the unbalanced life of a working professional and mom and simply strives to be present with the ones she is with – clients or children. She believes food is more than fuel, but a vehicle to connect others and nourish both body and mind.