Know Your Body. Optimize Your Metabolism

The BodyGem is a handheld device that can accurately measure what your metabolic rate is at rest – this is the rate at which you burn calories when you are resting.
Your resting metabolic rate number can then be used to get an accurate estimate your total calories needs for the entire day. You will then know if you have a low, normal or high metabolism. It is much more accurate than equations that use only your height, weight and age to calculate a daily calorie value for the day.
The test is conducted by breathing into the BodyGem’s mouthpiece. A brand new mouthpiece is switched out for every test. No going underwater or wearing funny head gear – just breathe into the machine and in 10 minutes or less you will know your results.
This test is best when used in combination with another nutrition service. This way your individual plan is even more tailored to your uniqueness.