Have you given up on weight loss or worse, yourself? You’ve poured money, energy, and time into finding the healthiest version of you. You’re tempted to restrict, set more rules or swear off bread. In fact, your friend at work lost 20 pounds on the keto diet, and you’re questioning if you should try it. Deep down, you’re fed up with these drastic, depriving approaches that leave you tired and hungry. You’re also afraid to try and fail again.

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Ditch the Diet

You’re wondering, is there another way? We know there is. You CAN find the healthiest version of yourself without a list of do’s and don’ts. BUT, it requires more than cutting carbs or putting your body in a state of ketosis. It requires internal work.
Carl Yung said: “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
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It’s time to stop dreaming about weight loss and awaken to the healthy life and mindset you deserve. The Renew Weight Loss Program is a 12-week weight loss journey that will help you do this. You WILL awaken and understand how to approach weight loss in a way that nourishes your soul. It is possible to awaken to a new a relationship with food and yourself. A relationship that feels empowering. 

Renew Your Weight Loss Approach

The Renew Weight Loss Program is group therapy program. Led by a Registered Dietitian AND licensed therapist. It’s a mind-body approach. Evidence shows long-term weight loss is more likely when you address the mental piece. Going on a diet is a quick fix. And, it’s a short-term solution. The unfortunate reality is that 95% of people who lose weight by dieting gain it all back…plus some. This yo-yo approach to dieting damages not just your metabolism but your confidence.

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy is power in numbers. It expedites your weight loss progress. The advantages of group therapy include:
  • A sense of community. Receive support and encouragement from members in your group. You won’ t feel alone.
  • Affordability. Seeing two therapists at two different times could cost you over $300/week. This is a two-for-one deal. Research shows two leaders are better than one. Members of co-led groups experience greater benefits than those of individually led groups.
  • Increased chances of success. Members of your group will be at different stages of success. Together, you can share and learn from what helps versus hinders weight loss progress. 
  • It can work better than individual therapy. Group therapy includes members that have a common identity and shared purpose. Expedite your growth and weight loss transformation. 

How Will I Lose Weight?

Are you afraid that if you aren’t “following” a diet or a plan, you won’t lose weight? Understandable. The Renew Weight Loss program will guide your food choices. But we teach you HOW so you don’t need us forever. It’s a non-diet based approach. You will know when to eat and why. You will learn to tune in to hunger, fullness, and emotions. You will fuel yourself in a way that feels both emotionally and physically satisfying. Deprivation, diets and willpower will not be part of the equation.

How Can I Learn More?

Contact us. Let us answer your questions; we know you have them. And, don’t let the cost hold you back. You have already poured too much money into other weight loss attempts. Trust that this investment is the last real investment you will need to make. Your relationship with food and self will be changed forever. We will help you do this work. 
The Renew Weight Loss Program is limited to 8 people because you deserve a personalized journey. Session one begins on Monday, September 24th at noon in our St. Louis office space and runs every week for 12 weeks. If you miss a session, no worries, open enrollment means you can extend your journey if necessary.
Don’t rush your weight loss evolution; enjoy it. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination. We can’t wait to join in beside you.